Agility is the New Essential Ingredient to Successful Recruiting

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March 16th, 2023   
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The 2021 Recruiter Nation Report from Jobvite shows extensive organizational turnover, increased staffing levels, and rapid hiring; nearly 80% of recruiters' priorities have shifted over the past year, and 40% have increased recruiting budgets. Though the report is based on the responses gathered from 800 US-based recruiters and HR professionals, the findings we feel are equally applicable to India's IT industry, which is inherently global.

"Companies are experiencing a new kind of worker revolution where candidates and employees feel empowered to choose a job where they feel supported and valued," said Kerry Gilliam, Vice President of Marketing at Jobvite.2

Per the report, the current state of recruiting and challenges and how to overcome the significant shift in today's labor market are associated with the following:

  • Benefits and Perks – The benefits and perks must align with what workers want today, and the benefits package needs to be redesigned.
  • Remote Work and Flexibility – The organizations offer hybrid workplaces, but a lack of remote options may impact hiring rapidly.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – D&I goals are one of the factors, and lack of diversity impacts hiring. Organizations need to have an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Companies must respond quickly to fill the thousands of vacant positions and redesign the hiring process to attract talent. The pressure is on for organizations to respond to the following challenges by leveraging the right strategies that quickly get knack through the door and embracing initiatives that align with candidates' values and priorities:

  • Employer branding is of vital importance
  • Companies are paying more, and organization needs practical benefits and perk offering
  • Previous jobs experience is less relevant compared to interviews to ascertain the best fit
  • Employing agile staffing firms with high availability and aligned goals
  • Salary negotiation
  • Diversity in recruiting nationwide
  • Social media is gaining importance
  • Time-to-fill is the most critical performance matrix
  • Relationship building is a crucial trail
  • Recruiters to save time on manual/repetitive tasks

Based on the study of various publications and blogs from PerSe Group, Talent Works, and Appcast, below are the 2022 hiring trends:

  • Agile hiring practices
  • A rise in proactive recruiting
  • Virtual Recruiting
  • Hiring for soft skills
  • Salary and benefits
  • Flexible staffing options – contractors and staffing agencies
  • Upskill and reskill current workforce
  • Creating internal talent pools
  • Social media
  • Catering to Employee Experience - understand why employees resign

These top recruitment trends for 2022 offer businesses a wealth of practical applications. As recruiters search for candidates amid extreme talent shortages, emerging technologies, and uncertainties due to the pandemic, knowing effective recruitment strategies gives them a considerable edge over competitors. 

KritikalHire (Div. of e-InnoSec Consulting LLP) is a proud partner for its client in managing 2022 trends and aligning with corporate practices.


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